About Us

The Connacht Racquetball Council promtes the sport in Connacht by running competitions, tournaments, coaching clinics for men, women and juniors in the province of Connacht.


The Connacht Racquetball Council was set up in October 2013 and is committed to creating a better awareness and actively promote the game of racquetball. In fact, it is fair to say that this is a 're-launch' of what was some years ago very actively involved in running and attending many Connacht Racquetball events and tournaments.  We welcome newcomers and encourage those that have enjoyed racquetball  in the past  to return to a very enjoyable sport as it is a game that can be played and enjoyed by all, regardless of level of standard or age.


About Racquetball

Racquetball is an exciting and fun game played by two people (singles) or four (doubles) in a 20' x 20' x 40' court.

The court consists of four walls (front, sides and back), ceiling and floor and all may be used during play.

Lines marked on the floor indicate the Service Zone (area between the 2 solid lines from side to side) and the Receive Zone (area between the dotted line and
the back wall).

How To Play Racquetball

The Serve:  One player stands in the Service Zone, bounces the ball and strikes it with the racquet.  The ball must hit the front wall and rebound over the shorty line without touching the floor.  If the ball dows not carry over the short line, this is called a 'short' and is a fault.  Two consecutive faults when serving is a 'hand out' (player looses serve) and the other player moves in to serve.  The ball may also hit one side wall, no more, before being returned/hit back by the other player.

The Rally:  Once the ball is in play, each player alternates hitting the ball unitl one player misses.  If the server wins the rally, a point is scored.  If the server looses the rally, it is a hand-out and the other player moves in to serve and will try to win points.  Matches are normally 2 games to 15 points and a tie-breaker to 11



 More details and Rules of the game are available at

What's Needed: 

A Racquet, Ball, Glove (optional), Lensed Safety Glasses, Comfortable Clothing (e.g., Shorts + T.Shirt), Runners (with soles that do not mark the floor).

Racquetball supplies may be available in your locas sports shop or from Elma Gibney (087 698 9340).  You may also get a starter kit (racquet, safety glasses, balls and copy of rules) from the Racquetball Association Of Ireland info@racquetballireland.com

Play Safe and Enjoy

  • Always wear Safety Glasses on court
  • Ensure that the safety string on racquet is around the wrist
  • Watch where the ball is at all times during play
  • Be aware and adhere to the Safety Line when returning a serve
  • Warm up and stretch before play
  • Be courteous towards other players
  • Be honest - if you don't get the ball/if it hops twices, say so.  You'll probably get it next time!
  • Keep hydrated (use time-outs and take water, if needed)
  • Know the rules, and most of all, Enjoy the Game!